AusTex Flashback: CRUST (Live) “Bumblebee”

As recently mentioned over on my personal blog (SMiles Lewis dot com – August 2020), I’ve been meaning to resume posting to my remaining websites. This site is an amalgamation of the remains of 3 different websites I used to maintain: / /

The below is a flashback from a very cool and strange Austin band I used to see here and there – often on the same bill as my fave local band, ED HALL. Crust were infamous for their live shows and I seem to remember tales of an enema being performed on-stage and I remember tons of bread being thrown out into the audience / mosh pit making for a very slippery surface.

 – SMiles Lewis


CRUST-“Bumblebee” on CapZeyeZ cable show May 27, 1994 brings you CRUST-“Bumblebee” on CapZeyeZ cable show May 27, 1994…

Crust was a musical group from Austin, Texas that was active during the late-1980s and 1990s and was featured on Trance Syndicate Records, a record label run by King Coffey from the Butthole Surfers. The groups members were John Hawkins (vocals and misc.), Jerry Page (bass and misc.), and Richard Smith (percussion and misc.).

See John Hawkins now in Talmage d’amour…

See Richard Smith in Bipolar Gentlemen




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