Blind Texas Man is Card-Trick Visionary


According to our state mythology, cheating at cards in Texas used to be enough to get a man shot. These days, it’ll get you a lengthy profile on CBS This Morning and a feature-length documentary—especially if you’re able to up the ante by pulling off your amazing feats of dexterity as a blind person.

That’s the easy hook to this 4-minute spot from CBS that aired yesterday, about San Antonio resident Richard Turner, who spends the segment blowing the mind of the network’s Manuel Bojorquez. Turner, in between describing his life story (which includes 10-20 hours of practicing card tricks every day for decades) explains how, as a blind man, he developed a sensitivity to textures that allows him to identify certain cards without seeing them. He also demonstrates dealing from the bottom of the deck, cheating at three-card-monty, and other tricks that would make him an unsavory character in a saloon. 



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