Houston Alamo Drafthouse Promotes Scam-Artist / Bigfoot Hunter

Just when I thought the hubbub about Dyer had waned … the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston ups the ante:

Bigfoot Showing at Alamo Drafthouse Angers Cryptozoologists

By Jef With One FWed., Feb. 5 2014

Earlier this year Rick Dyer made the news by claiming that he had not only located Bigfoot outside of San Antonio, but that he has shot and killed the legendary creature. Now, he will be the guest of the Alamo Drafthouse as he presents the corpse for all to gawk and gander at in conjunction with a screening of a top secret Bigfoot-related film project to be announced later.

Manager Robert Saucedo calls it “quite possibly the greatest event I have ever been a part of in my short time as a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema”. He was avidly discussing the possibility of a Sasquatchploitation film festival at least as far back as last year’s Comicpalooza. However, a significant number of cryptozoologists are asking that Saucedo cancel the event, claiming that Dyer is a conman.

There’s a fair amount of evidence to back up those claims. Dyer became somewhat infamous in 2008 when he first started offering a Bigfoot carcass for perusal, a carcass that turned out to be nothing more than a frozen ape costume stuffed with opossum guts. There’s also the matter of his 2011 arrest for eBay fraud, in which he allegedly sold two Corvettes that he never delivered.

“I can’t speak for other cryptozoologists,” said Ken Gerhard, author of Monsters of Texas and other books on legendary creatures. “But honestly, an electron microscope couldn’t measure my infinitesimal interest in Rick Dyer, or his paper mache model.”

An Evening With Bigfoot Takes Place February 24 at Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park.

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Bigfoot Showing at Alamo Drafthouse Angers Cryptozoologists.


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