Alvin, Texas UFO Videographer Mauricio Ruiz


I want to give Mr. Ruiz the benefit of the doubt, however, I’m not convinced his videos are genuine. What do you think?

Published on Dec 31, 2013

“Once you have a sighting you don’t stop, that’s when you get your camera and start videotaping….”
UFO sightings can have phenomenal effect on the people who have had such an experience. Their life and beliefs can be forever changed. One individual that has had not one but several different experiences is retired Texas state corrections officer Mauricio Ruiz

Mauricio Ruiz’s 2008 footage stabilized…

Forgetomori’s debunking in 2008:



Mr. Ruiz has also garnered the attention of the CHASING UFOs tv show:


You can watch his appearance at his YouTube channel, LuckyMauro:


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