Active Shooter Drill In Hutto, Texas

Report: DHS At Active Shooter Drill In Texas?
August 24, 2013

Did the Department of Homeland Security attend a recent active shooter drill in Hutto, Texas? We don’t expect that question to be answered truthfully any time soon.

On Friday, Infowars reported on an active shooter drill taking place at the Hutto Independent School District. Tactical EMS, firefighters and police trained alongside crisis actors simulating the unlikely event of a school shooting.

When Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson asked a Hutto ISD spokesperson if the DHS played any part in the drill, he was first told that at least one DHS member was in attendance.

Later, Infowars received an email retracting that statement. It clarified that the DHS had not attended the drill and that the spokesperson had confused the Department of Homeland Security with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

According to a leaked memo marked for official and law enforcement use, the DHS had listed Austin, Texas and Pasadena, California as potential terrorist targets. Infowars published the classified memo earlier this month.

We trust the statement’s retraction was done in earnest; however, in light of the recent announcement that terror drills would be taking place around the Austin area, in addition to the fact that on numerous occasions drills and exercises have served as cover for real or perceived to be real attacks, we can’t help but find this official statement-then-denial business fascinating.

Hutto is just 30 minutes outside of Austin. To be sure, Infowars did not observe any federal employees or federal markings on any vehicles. … -in-texas/


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