Rocksalt Magazine, Fall 2013, featuring art by Mack White and Many Others

Rocksalt Magazine — Fall 2013

The fall 2013 “Back to School” issue of ROCKSALT MAGAZINE! Featuring cover by Ghastly Gil Smith and centerfold by Gewel Kafka ( If you are a fan of comics about DIRE SOUTHERN POLITICS, SUMMER PLANS, or THE NATURE OF ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP, or about many other things, this is what you ought to read.
  • Jason Poland (
  • Sam Hurt (
  • Jeanne Thornton (
  • Mack White (
  • Ghastly Gilbert Smith (
  • Antonius Wolfsblut (
  • Geoff Sebesta (
  • Kevin Kobasic (
  • Maria Heg (
  • John David Brown (
  • Dylan Edwards (
  • Dieter Geisler (
  • Kathleen Jacques (


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