New Mexico News: Relentless in Roswell Riot / Fetus Fight

Truth is stranger than fiction …


Via the website:

We are not making this up: A New Mexico school district did not violate the rights of students when it barred them from distributing small rubber “fetus dolls” with an anti-abortion message at two high schools, a federal appeals court has ruled. The students, members of a small religious group called Relentless in Roswell – yes, that Roswell – planned to distribute 2,500 dolls, but got shut down when the giveaway proved so disruptive one school official called it “a disaster.” Tearing the small heads off the dolls, students threw them at each other, bounced them around classrooms and stuck them on the tops of their pencils; they lit the dolls on fire, plugged toilets with them, threw them against ceilings so they would stick, and hung them outside their pants like penises. Who ever said youth was wasted on the young?


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