MysteryPeople Presents STEPHEN ROMANO and “MILES ARCENEAUX” at Bookpeople, Austin – October 1st, 2012

 My good friend Stephen Romano is having a book signing for his latest work. The event is at Book People on South Lamar Blvd, Monday, October 1st at 7pm. Steve is the creator of several amazing works ranging from novels (The Riot Act, Black Light, and others), to TV & Movie Adaptations (Masters of Horror: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road and others), to comic books and digital art (Zombie, Shock FestivalHalloween Returns to Haddonfield, Masters of Horror: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road, and others) , to DVDs (StarCrash Special Edition and Shock Festival), as well as other artistic creations.

Resurrection Express STEPHEN ROMANO is an acclaimed multi-media artist, whose unique jack-of-all-trades approach to the genres of horror, crime fiction, sci-fi and exploitation has produced innovative, award-winning work. He is an accomplished author, screenwriter and illustrator. His short stories, novels and comic books have garnered critical acclaim from some of the most respected authors and media sources in the world.He is the co-author of Blacklight, which is currently in pre-production as a feature film, under Oscar nominated producer Michael DeLuca, on which Stephen served as co-screenwriter. Resurrection Express is a new high octane thriller featuring Elroy Coffin. There is no code Coffin can’t break, nothing he can’t hack, no safe he can’t get into. But for the past two years, he’s been incarcerated in a maximum-security hellhole after a job gone bad, driven to near-madness by the revelation of his beloved wife’s murder. Now a powerful and mysterious visitor who calls herself a “concerned citizen” offers Elroy his freedom if he’ll do another job, and sweetens the deal with proof that his wife might still be alive. All Elroy has to do is hack into one of the most complicated and deadliest security grids in the world—clear and simple instructions for the best in the business. Or so he thinks….

You can find out more about Stephen at his website:

Also, a group of guys using MY NAME as there nom de plume will also be there showing off their new book.

MILES ARCENEAUX is the storytelling alter ego of Texas-based writers Brent Douglass, John T. Davis and James R. Dennis. Miles was born many years ago among a group of old friends vacationing on the Texas Gulf Coast. What began as a literary lark—a daisy-chain novel with chapters written by friends in turn—evolved into a dedicated project spearheaded by these three. In their latest, Thin Slice of Life, Charlie Sweetwater returns to his hometown to visit his brother but arrives to find he is a no-show: The Coast Guard has discovered Johnny’s shrimp boat drifting abandoned in the Gulf. Is it “death by misadventure” as the authorities presume, or something more sinister? Meanwhile, Fulton Harbor, where Charlie’s family have docked their shrimp boats for generations, has changed–and not for the better. Charlie finds himself falling for his brother’s girlfriend, whose zealous desire to see justice served tests his own limits for loyalty and commitment. Unlikely heroes arise from improbable circumstances, and the denizens of the small seaside community find their fortunes and fates ebbing and flowing like the tidal flux of the ocean itself.

MysteryPeople Presents MILES ARCENEAUX & STEPHEN ROMANO at Bookpeople, Austin on Do512.


So check it out!

Book People
603 North Lamar Boulevard  Austin, TX 78703

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