Possible Wood Ape Hair Collected, Analyzed

TBRC-sample6bAs always, pioneering cryptozoology research from the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy:

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) has recently concluded a long-term continuous field research study called “Operation Persistence.” The goal of the operation was to observe and document the local wood ape population. Spanning ninety days and involving more than thirty TBRC investigators, the operation took place in an area located in the Ouachita Mountains in the region near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Members of the TBRC have operated in this area for more than a decade, including during 2011’s long-term research study, Operation Endurance.

Over the course of Persistence, investigators collected a large amount of digital and physical evidence. While the digital evidence (in the form of unattended trail-cam photography and audio recordings) is still being analyzed, several hairs collected near the group’s research facility have been inspected microscopically. Following are our conclusions regarding each of the six samples recovered, including associated photomicrographs.

Possible Wood Ape Hair Collected, Analyzed.

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