Cyanide-Gas-Grass? Mysterious Cattle Deaths in Elgin, Texas

Wow! Weird news right next door in Elgin, Texas. A local rancher discovers all his cattle dying, apparently from cyanide gas given off by hybrid grass! WTF?!?

Meanwhile … KEYE tv has apparently memory-holed their original coverage of the story – the article and video at the link below are now as mysteriously gone as the cattle mysteriously died. They have posted a new article and video and have stated that they will continue to cover this important news.

Of course in the meantime we can count on Austin’s own Alex Jones for commentary on this developing story…

Mysterious Mutation: Hybrid Grass Gives Off Cyanide Gas?


  • Cattle Deaths Still Baffle Scientists (Video)
  • Mysterious Mass Cattle Deaths May Be Caused By Random Grass Mutation (Video) [Down the Memory-Hole?]
  • GM grass linked to Texas cattle deaths
“Other farmers in the area who use the same modified grass have also found cyanide on their properties, though as yet no other cattle have died.”



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