McAllen Texas librarian pens books about Aliens and Speaks at Laredo UFO Conference

Author Noe Torres Speaks at Laredo UFO Conference

It’s safe to say Noe Torres lives his life for books.

Torres, 55, has been the librarian at McAllen High School for the past several years, and he earned his degree in library science from the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2008, Torres began co-authoring and self-publishing books about unidentified flying objects in South Texas and Mexico. Now he has more than half a dozen books he’s penned or edited.

He met his writing partner Ruben Uriarte at a conference in Roswell, New Mexico, a hot spot for UFO investigators.

The two embarked on a quest to tell the story of “Mexico’s Roswell,” where a UFO reportedly crashed in 1974 in Chihuhua. The book and Torres were featured on the History Channel’s series “UFO Hunters” and “UFO Files.”

They followed up the first book with a story about a supposed UFO crash in 1955 in Del Rio, Texas, based on the testimony of an Air Force pilot who claims to have witnessed the incident.

“We kept hearing about another case similar to (“Mexico’s Roswell”) that had happened earlier, and that a retired Air Force colonel had been involved in it,” Torres said. “So we tracked him down and we found out he still lives today in Wichita Falls.”

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