UFOs Over Dallas?

UFOs Filmed in Dallas From a Plane

UFOs Filmed in Dallas From a Plane – Analyzed & Enhanced – March 2012

Video Info:

*HD 1080p* – March 21, 2012: Two UFOs filmed from a plane in Dallas/Fort Worth area. Video courtesy of Ann & Jennifer Thomson who just wanted to film the Fort Worth Downtown. Thanks for sharing! The first object passes through the middle of the screen. The second object passes through the bottom right of the screen. After a youtube viewer noticed the second UFO in the bottom right corner I decided to make this second video with the second object slowed down and enhanced.

Special Thanks to crazybreakingnews for sharing this. Ann & Jennifer Thomson sent crazybreakingnews this video after seeing his video of a UFO from a plane in Amsterdam. Thanks again. Original Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMgvSqmULFE

Hat tip http://www.anomalist.com


One thought on “UFOs Over Dallas?

  1. Dallas UFO Appears Same Day as Tornadoes
    April 07, 2012 02:30 AM EDT

    Dallas UFO activity was filmed in the sky over Dallas, TX Tuesday, within hours of the area being devastated by a series of massive tornadoes.

    Considering all the mayhem in North Texas Tuesday, why would anyone be focused on getting footage of UFOs? It seems trivial, compared to all the suffering from that awful day.

    Either way, the video was uploaded online and is available here. It’s not clear whether the footage was taken in the morning hours before the twisters, or on Tuesday evening.


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