Rob Morphy on the Teen Wolves of Texas

There are definitely some creepier elements to this social-clique phenomenon of which I was unaware. You’ll have to read pretty deep down into this article to get to the severed dog’s head portion of the story. Yikes!Teen-Wolf

Despite her protestations, the San Antonio police got a warrant to search the home of Blackheart and her mother, Lisa Rodriguez.

The officers discovered that Blackheart’s bedroom walls were slathered with a reddish substance, which they believe to be blood. But her mother claimed that this was merely the result of a ketchup fight: “When they saw her room, they had to call every single cop to her room. The spots on the wall, they thought it was blood. It’s ketchup. The kids had a fight. They’re teenagers.”

In her room the police noted that the walls were adorned with posters of wolves and anime characters. They also discovered a refrigerator full of blood. Blackheart’s mother explained: “Wolfie does have a bloody refrigerator, but they’re all dead animals.”

Teen Wolves of Texas | Mysterious Universe.

Meanwhile … Flashback to a Flashback …

LOWFI-Texas Cryptozoology Flashback – Late 2010


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