#OccupyTexas – Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Beyond



“Occupy Austin begins in a celebratory mood with music, flower power, teach-ins, and activists from across the political spectrum. Police Chief Art Acevedo and Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr pay a friendly visit. Radio host Jack Blood and other activists are interviewed on the challenges ahead.”




9 arrested in downtown Houston protests

KHOU 1 day ago

Occupy Houston protesters moved to Eleanor Tinsley Park ahead of the Bayou City Arts Festival over the weekend, but made their way back downtown,

Local: Occupy Houston and the police aren’t so friendly anymore: Arrests CultureMap Houston
Occupy Houston, there’s a message within the messageExaminer.com
8 Occupy Houston demonstrators arrested for criminal trespass at The Republic

Bun B Reps H-Town With Occupy Houston

MTV.com (blog) – Maurice Bobb 1 day ago

HOUSTON — Bun B assumed his role as the unofficial Mayor of Houston when he joined Occupy Houston at City Hall on Tuesday.

Bun B Occupies HoustonHouston Press (blog)

Houston Press (blog)



The Occupy Movement Spreads to Houston

The Venture 1 day ago

States which now include Houston. Protesting began on October 6 th in Market Square Park with pro-bono legal advice. “The movement, Occupy Houston is a

In-Depth: Occupy Wall Street protest park cleanup postponedChicago Sun-Times
Occupy Houston needs to focus itselfYour Houston News
Occupy Wall Street protesters suspicious of park cleanupToronto Star

3News NZ



Occupy Houston protestors converge on City Hall

Houston Chronicle – Robert Stanton Oct 6, 2011

For video, go to chron.com Workers from inside the JP Morgan Chase Tower watch the protestors with the Occupy Houston movement, an outgrowth of the Occupy

Occupy Houston starts national protest trend

The Daily Cougar Oct 5, 2011

According to the Occupy Houston website, the protest is starting in the morning but anyone can show up, on time or not. “If you want to join us in the

Occupy Houston‘ protest set for downtown ThursdayYour Houston News
Grassroots Protesters Plan to Occupy HoustonKUHF-FM
Occupy Houston39online.com





Cries of ‘Occupy San Antonio!’ring throughout downtown

San Antonio Express – Jessica Kwong Oct 6, 2011

JOHN DAVENPORT/jdavenport@express-news.net Protesters march around Travis Park Thursday October 6, 2011 during an Occupy San Antonio rally in support of the

NY protests spread to San AntonioThe Ranger
all 266 news articles »

Fox News



The QueQue: Occupied

San Antonio Current 2 days ago

The next Occupy San Antonio rally is a 6 pm Wednesday drum circle at HemisFair Park. More info online at various FB pages, including Occupy San Antonio.

Local: Occupy Texas: Students engage in local protestsUniversity Star (blog)
all 153 news articles »

San Antonio Current




Occupy Texas State

Inside Higher Ed 7 hours ago

Harvey organized the first Occupy Texas State event last week, which about 20 people attended after it was hastily planned in two days, and since then he

Inside Higher Ed



Occupy Texas State protesters rally at the Hays County Courthouse

Austin American-Statesman (blog) 15 hours ago

By Ciara O’Rourke | Thursday, October 13, 2011, 05:30 PM An Occupy Texas State movement started to take shape Thursday afternoon, when about 30 people,

Austin American-Statesman (blog)



Occupy Texas: Students engage in local protests

University Star (blog) 3 days ago

Christian Marrero, philosophy junior, participated in the Occupy Texas State protest on Wednesday in The Quad, and the Occupy San Marcos protest Thursday on

4 arrested at Occupy Austin for not leaving during cleanupAustin American-Statesman
all 151 news articles »

Austin American-Statesman



Next Up: Occupy Texas?

OnEarth Magazine – George Black 1 day ago

The magnetic lure of Occupy Wall Street is irresistible, and I went down for the first time this weekend to see it for myself.

OnEarth Magazine



By: Metro News

Sports Radio ESPN 1420 2 hours ago

About a dozen protestors rallied outside the Hays County courthouse yesterday as part of “Occupy Texas State.” The mostly student protestors spoke out

Occupy Austin calls for end to corporate personhood, limits on

The American Independent – Mary Tuma 6 days ago

Last week the Texas Independent reported on the statewide movement Occupy Texas, whose plans came to fruition Thursday. Hundreds of demonstrators occupied




Occupy Wall Street comes to Texas

The Washington Independent – Mary Tuma Sep 29, 2011

The Occupy Texas site includes protest information for San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Austin and Houston. Leaders say the demonstrations will be peaceful,

New York Times




3 thoughts on “#OccupyTexas – Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Beyond

  1. Thank you for posting this information. While I presume it probably has more to do with your own views (with which I whole heartedly agree) I think this does really concern UFOs and Texas.

    If any of you have read George P. Hansen’s “The Trickster and Paranormal,” you’d have encountered his hypothesis that psi (and UFOs and all paranormal phenomena) are somehow linked to societal structure and changes therein. He goes into detail on how sightings of UFOs seem to correspond to fundamental shifts in society. He doesn’t link the two causally (and vocally resists doing so) but the two do indeed seem linked. Moreover, cultural phenomena like local mythology (e.g. “UFOs are little green men” or “those little guys are fairies”) and taboos seem to be strongly related to the way the phenomena manifest.


    I think this Occupy movement is indicative of just such a deep societal change that we should see increased numbers of UFO sightings, cryptid sightings, etc. in the coming months and years. We’ll see how far this change goes.

  2. Howdy Jacob!

    Wow, wasn’t expecting a “ufological” comment on the Occupy post but what better place for such than here at the wild and weird Texas LOWFI blog!

    I am familiar with Hansen’s book and in fact will likley be referencing his work in my upcoming lecture next week:

    “Exploring UFOs and Consciousness”

    As for your suggestion … time will tell. However, I’m more inclined to think that such paranormal manifestations may be limited by such an outpouring of physical activism. So much in parapsychology and ufology, to my mind, represent psychic upwellings of repressed emotions and issues, that I would tend to think of the Occupy movement being the biggest cathartic release of such psychic forces to occur in a long long while. On the other hand, as this is an “Occupation” and likely to last a long time … perhaps you are on to something and it could serve as a catalyst for more manifestations.

    To that end, you should check out Eric Ouellet’s writings on ParaSociology and ParaAnthropology:




  3. Thanks for the response! I replied to you in the other spot also.

    I think you make a good point, and it’s something I hadn’t considered. I had actually contacted Mr. Hansen about the issue to see where he normally looked to track manifestations of societal change vis a vis the paranormal. He said that he normally looks to interest in the paranormal gauged by membership in ghost- and UFO-hunting organizations and organizations like MUFON. He told me that he had seen a strong correlation between periods of high psi activity and membership in groups like MUFON, even going so far as to plot membership by year and correlate it directly with UFO waves like the one that saw the Mothman in the 1960s. Unfortunately he said he never published the graphs but said he may for an upcoming blog post (http://paranormaltrickster.blogspot.com for those that want the link). I hope he does.

    Thanks for the response and the links!



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