Happy (Belated) Birthday, Whitley Strieber

Whitley_StrieberThanks to Ken Gerhard and his San Antonio Current blog, Chasing Shadows:

June is the birth month of San Antonio native Whitley Strieber, best known as an author of top-selling horror and science fiction novels, as well as non-fiction books that address his alleged experiences with alien abduction.

Louis Whitley Strieber was born in the Alamo City on June 13, 1945.

Happy Birthday, Whitley Strieber: denizen of ‘unknown countries’ | San Antonio Current — Blogs.

I had forgotten that Whitley and I not only share the same birth month but are different by many years and a day.

Check out Ken’s blog, Chasing Shadows, regularly and also watch for more events at CryptidSeekers.org where he and others are actively Seeking Cryptids!

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