Austin News and Views #11 – 7/18/11

Austin News and Views


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A.A.M.P.E.D. (Austinites Against Metered Parking Extension Downtown)

AAMPED’s mission is to stop the implementation of Austin ‘s extended parking meter ordinance. The page will provide updates, action alerts, informational facts, and discussions on the issue. “Like” us and let’s get AAMPED up to fight this ordinance!

Location J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge
710 W. 6th Street
Austin, TX

More Info Anti-parking meter extension group to hold press conference/happy hour; Morrison, Tovo promise to introduce agenda item to repeal, modify, or delay parking meter ordinance


Extended paid parking hours to start Sept. 6 – maybe  

F1 track owners get tax break for wildlife area  

Perry faces lawsuit over Christian rally


The Libyan Kinetic Military Action


Libya: it’s not a war if Americans can’t get hurt

Arlington PD Testing Unmanned Aircraft (Video)
Department hopes to use drones in emergency situations by January

The Year of the Drone
An Analysis of U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan, 2004-2011

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

Pakistan to US: No more drone strikes from base
Defense minister says Americans have been asked to vacate remote site

The Right to Travel and The Surveillance State

US Senate Leader Introduces Bill to Block Road Privatization
Bill would force states to pay back federal contribution before leasing highways to private companies.

Houston, Texas Mayor Defies Voters, Restarts Red Light Cameras
Red light cameras to return to Houston, Texas over the objection of voters who rejected cameras in November.

Decision Overturning Houston Anti-Camera Referendum Appealed
Anti-red light camera initiative sponsors in Houston, Texas challenge federal ruling overturning election.

US Supreme Court Confirms Confrontation Right in Radar, DUI Cases
US Supreme Court decision in drunk driving case has wide-ranging implications for automated enforcement.

Traffic Camera Companies Step Up Fight Against Ballot Measures
Traffic camera companies fight initiative measures in Washington and Houston. Vote on camera ban advances in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Federal Judge Overturns Public Vote in Houston, Texas
Traffic camera company finds friendly federal judge to overturn results of anti-camera referendum in Houston, Texas.

California: Los Angeles Police Commission Votes Down Cameras
Police commission in Los Angeles, California unanimously votes to end red light camera ticketing.


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