Part Three of INACS Exploration of Remote Perception and Dowsing

INACS – Consciousness Connections Meeting presents

Exploration of Remote Perception Part III

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
6:30p Social, 7:00-9:00p Program

Austin Center for Spiritual Living
5555 N. Lamar, Suite D115/D117

The meeting is free & open to the Public
Exploration of Remote Perception Part III
Video Clips Featuring Skip Atwater will be Presented, along With Discussion Items.

Please note: The meeting day has been moved from the regular 4th Tuesday of the month, to the next day, Wednesday, June 29th

Discussion Items

  • Does the Monroe Institution “Hemi-sync” enhance remote viewing, if so – how and why?
  • What is the connection between remote viewing and PSI phenomena?
  • Why is remote viewing a right brained phenomena?
  • Why does the efficacy of remote viewing decrease with boredom?
  • The six traits that seem to be characteristics of good remote viewers – why?

(From Skip’s book “Captain of My Ship, Master of my Soul)”

  1. They should be open to the idea of remote viewing.
  2. Should Have artistic tHaveHave an artistic talent and be capable of using this talent to describe their remote viewing impressions.
  3. Be highly regarded by their coworkers and supervisors.
  4. Have the ability to in-flow data, or absorb a great deal of information, without being compelled to form tentative or spurious conclusions.
  5. Should be highly motivated volunteers rather than be “ordered” or “assigned” to do remote viewing.
  6. Should be able to quiet their minds and focus their attention on the task at hand, setting aside the mental noise of daily trials and tribulations.

* Also for discussion is attached a research paper from the Monroe Institution “Analyzing Results from the Remote Viewing Practicum.”

Bio of F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater:

Raised in a spiritually oriented family environment, Skip Atwater’s childhood was filled with extraordinary psychic experiences. As a young adult he was guided from within to a career as a counterspy during the cold-war era where he used his natural psychic aptitude as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent. He played a key role in the remote viewing intelligence program now known to world by the code name STAR GATE.

For ten years Skip was the Operations and Training Officer for this secret remote-viewing program. He recruited and trained an elite cadre of professional intelligence officers to do remote viewing for the Department of Defense and various members of the national intelligence community. He planned, conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence-collection missions.

After retiring from the Army, Skip became Research Director and more recently the President of The Monroe Institute. The not for profit organization serves as the core of a research affiliation, investigating the evolution of human consciousness, and making related information available to the public.

Remote Viewing is one segment of a spectrum of ESP related anomalies, from telepathy to telekinesis. The band width includes such diverse phenomena as near death experiences NDE, and out of body travels OBE. Remote sensing protocols and structured training have developed to formalize the field, as opposed to other paranormal happenings such as psychic abilities, which are often ad hoc and not brought forth at will.

This presentation of Remote Perception assumes the validity of the discipline, and hence other paranormal phenomena. So for believers of the gospel, or skeptics in part, this excursion in paraperception should be of interest.
Part II was held on May 24th and included:

Dowsing & the Lottery – Video & discussion

Reports are that money has been made using Remote Dowsing and Associated Remote Viewing to determine winning selections. Remote Dowsing is one way of determining Lotto numbers.

The INACS’ project “Remote Dowsing” – Overview and update
This project initiated by INACS founder Jim King, will use QEEG to brain scan subjects before, during, and after dowsing training, to determine any differences in mental activity.

Future research directions and practical applications – Discussion

Using Remote Perceptions in various applications – can differences in brain activity be determined with EEG, fMRI, and other brain scan methods to determine whether there is a correlation, and what part of the brain is active. Practical applications will be listed.

Part I was held on April 26th and included:

An introduction to remote viewing and dowsing – video & discussion
The history, development, military involvement, and other aspects of remote Perception.


Recommended Reading:

Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul Living with Guidance
by F. Holmes Atwater

Have you ever looked back, awestruck at the infinite number of seemingly random choices and events that led you to where you are–and more importantly, who you are?

In this book, F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater–who, as an army lieutenant, took the initiative that resulted in the creation of the remote-viewing intelligence program now known as STARGATE–looks at the “coincidences” that led him from childhood out-of-body explorations to army counter-intelligence operations to sessions with consciousness pioneer Robert A. Monroe. The result is a fascinating look at the way spiritual guidance works in our lives.

Included is a CD-ROM containing:

  • declassified government documents pertaining to remote-viewing programs
  • audio recordings (with transcripts) of actual remote-viewing sessions
  • audio recordings of Atwater’s altered-state explorations at The Monroe Institute
  • the original audio recording (with transcript) of the remote viewing of Mars performed by Joseph McMoneagle (remote viewer 001)

…a powerful indicator of how close we are to a radical shift in our understanding of who we are.Dean Radin, Ph.D., The Boundary Institute

…must reading for anyone interested in ESP, remote viewing, or the way spirit can be found in modern life.CHARLES T. TART, PH.D. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

…take the phone off the hook and settle in, because it will be hard to put down.JOSEPH MCMONEAGLE Author, Remote Viewing Secrets

Limitless MIND: A Guide to Remote Viewing & Transformation of Consciousness
By Russell Targ

The psychic abilities of most humans are dampened by the clatter of our conscious minds. In this timely book, Russell Targ draws on the work of ancient mystics and traditions — Gnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Kabalistic Jewish, Sufi, yogi, and especially Hindu spiritual master Patanjali — to show readers how to quiet this noise and see into the far reaches of time and space through remote viewing. This psychic ability offers a path of self-inquiry and self-realization and expands each person’s limited awareness of the consciousness shared by all humans. Targ explores its scientific as well as spiritual implications and offers techniques and exercises to nurture this universal but mostly untapped skill.