Tales of Sex with Ghosts as Told in Marshall, Texas

The-EntityWhen one mentions “sex with ghosts” many people will immediately flashback to 1982 when Barbara Hershey played the part of real life ghostly assault victim Doris Bither in The Entity. The investigation that the film was based upon had hallmarks of typical poltergeist-like phenomena and featured sexual attacks against the apparent focal point, Ms. Bither. That haunting case was particularly striking both in terms of the horror film retelling and the movie’s original source material. The investigator of the case, Dr. Barry Taff, stated that Doris reported that the phenomenon “followed” her and her family wherever they moved: from Culver City to Carson and San Bernadino, California, and even to Texas and eventually back to San Bernardino.

But such horrific tales of “spectral rape” aren’t the only claims of ghostly sexual encounters. Some people have claimed much more pleasurable experiences…

Real Sex With Ghosts

by Greg Ashford

There are of course many haunted locations around the world where one can go to experience real paranormal sexual activity. … I have investigated them personally … places such as haunted hotels, B&B’s, Cemeteries, and a few public locations around the world where sexual encounters with ghost are more then [sic] common and happen daily … In well known haunted cities like Gettysburg, San Francisco, New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland and … Oregon, Paris, Rome and Tokyo … it is something that just does not make the news or haunted paranormal television shows that often. But today many ghost hunters and paranormal researchers are aware of it but choose not to … let the public know because of dubious reasons.

ghost sexSome ghost hunters … tend to shove it under the carpet. Either because it has not happened to them yet or because it has and they are too embarrassed to speak of. Still others might, (Ahemmmm!), enjoy the not so apparent paranormal sexual activity and not want their spouse’s or group to know what is happening to them.

I also have known in my life and am still meeting many, many new Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators that go out purposely looking for real ghost to have real sexual encounters with them. I often wonder are these particular ghost hunters cheating on their wives and partners with the dead intentionally? I don’t know if having sexual haunted affair with a ghost will hold up in divorce court? Probably the next proof of this occurring would be photos of the act of sexual intercourse between the living and the dead. And I don’t mean necrophilia, I liken it more to what I call Spookaphillia…




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