Psychic and Mass Grave or No … East Texas Media Mystery

Right now, if you search Google News for two words, East Texas, you’ll see links about the hoopla:Psychic Sparks East Texas Mass Grave Hunt?

Sheriff: No bodies found on East Texas property – USA TodayMichael Winter‎Jun 7, 2011‎

After search of a rural southeast Texas property, local and federal law enforcement officials determined that information about a possible mass grave was a false alarm, USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson confirms.

Police say tip on rural mass grave false; no bodies found

3 thoughts on “Psychic and Mass Grave or No … East Texas Media Mystery

  1. I think the surge on that Texas house was unwarranted at the least and definitely ridiculous because there was no proof of any bodies on the property and yet the media and law enforcement descended. I wanted to share this video on this event, which I hope shamed the media and cops into rethinking their procedures for responding to these types of scenarios. I think you’ll appreciate how it analyzes news coverage from different sources to show various perspectives on the media’s response and how outlets fanned the (nonexistent) fire on this one. I hope you’ll considering embedding the video in your post.

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