Texan Iben Browning: Volcanoes, Weather, Food, and Revolutions – Oh My!


Loren Coleman has a fascinating new article up at his Twilight Language / Copycat Effect blog which details an esteemed and interesting Texan with whom I was previously unfamiliar, Dr. Iben Browning.

From Loren’s quoting of the New York Times obituary for Mr. Browning:Iben-Browning01

…it was recalled that he had warned of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake a week in advance and had predicted the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

Dr. Browning, who was born in Edna, Tex., graduated from Southwest Texas Teachers College and earned a master’s degree and a doctoral degree from the University of Texas. He was a biophysicist by training who worked in varied scientific fields, including artificial intelligence and bioengineering. He applied his studies of climate patterns to offer predictions of world food production, demographic changes and other socioeconomic matters.

Loren then goes on to contemplate Dr. Browning’s visionary futurist predictions and their relevance to us now as we watch what is happening in the Middle East, around the world, and even here at home:

Browning was recalled favorably, however, by the local New Madrid residents for heightening their awareness and that of others. I wrote a long and positive overview of his life for a Chicago-based periodical when he died. I felt his genius, as is often the case, was misunderstood and dismissed because a disaster did not happen.

Today, the revolutions sweeping the Middle East have a foundation cause in the worldwide shortage of food and the resulting poverty. The snows across America do too. Browning predicted all of this. Furthermore, because Americans and other developed countries are isolated from food shortages, the effect is somewhat lessened. But the USA is not without its troubles, its recession and its mass protests in reaction to how to deal with these problems. This is overtly visible as can be seen from the public employee demonstrations that began in Wisconsin and have spread to Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Check out Loren’s entire article at his website:

Twilight Language: Iben Browning: Volcanoes, Weather, Food, Revolutions, HDTV, and the Copycat Effect.

Images of Dr. Browning are screenshots from this episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES:

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