The AUSTINIST Interviews Mack White

Austinist Interview with Mack White about his projects (PsiOp-Radio is mentioned) and upcoming appearance at “Staple! Independent Media Expo”. The interview is conducted by Samantha Pitchel. I think that “Staple-gator” (by another artist named Kennon) looks rather Cryptozoological!

2011_staplegator_kennonGraphic novelist and Texas native Mack White is well-known for his signature style that pairs traditional pulp comic sensibilities with subject matter that often draws comparisons to dark masters like Robert Anton Wilson. He began self-publishing comics in the ’80s, and has been featured in a wide range of anthologies including Zero Zero, The Bush Junta (which he co-edited with Gary Groth) and the touring art show Comics on the Verge. His forthcoming release, the graphic novel Texas Tales Illustrated, explores unique stories from the Texas Revolution and will be published by Texas Christian University Press this April. When he’s not illustrating, White is co-host of the political podcast PsiOp Radio, and is also acting in the locally-produced film Bozoland.

Mack will be appearing at the seventh annual Staple! Independent Media Expo, an interactive book fair and conference promoting comics, art, animation and self-published literature taking place March 5-6, 2011 at The Marchesa Hall and Theater.

SOURCE: Interview: Mack White [Staple! Independent Media Expo Preview]


More from the interview in which Mack talks about his next big comics release:

Which came first: your interest in Texas and Western history, or your illustration work? Do they often inform each other?

Both interests started about the same time, when I was three years old. My oldest surviving drawing, done when I was three, is a picture of Davy Crockett. And now, years later, I find myself drawing Davy Crockett in Texas Tales. But those two interests haven’t always been intertwined. Most of my comics work has been about subjects other than Texas or the Old West. I always wanted to do a comic about the Alamo, but not until now was the timing right. It was literally the fulfillment of a childhood dream to work on Texas Tales—which, I should add, was co-created with author Mike Kearby.

Read the rest of the interview at The Austinist!


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