LOWFI Texas Round-Up 2009 Review

There were a plethora of topics I’d intended to blog about this past year. Strange things happening in Texas I had wanted to comment upon included:

Aliens & UFO Sightings

Texas’ Own Mystery Missile Flap

Second UFO in 12 Months Buzzes Continental Airlines out of Bush International Airport:

Chupacabras a Cryptid?

Flying Cryptids

Lake Monsters

Bipedal Bigfoot or Escaped Chimp?

Haunted Roads / “Streets of Fear”

Forteana and More

One thought on “LOWFI Texas Round-Up 2009 Review

  1. Texas has a
    “Great agglomeration” of factors that make it a good state for the paranormal. More ecosystems and terrain features than is common, a rich history deepened by a strong Native American presence, and relatively low populations outside the cities. I gotta spend more time there!

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